Law Enforcement backs Pat McCrory for Governor

Roy Cooper has been North Carolina’s chief law enforcement officer for the past 16 years, but law enforcement is overwhelmingly endorsing Governor Pat McCrory over Roy Cooper for governor.Watch full video here:

In a stunning rebuke to Roy Cooper, the Fraternal Order of Police, the State Trooper’s Association and the NC Police Benevolent Association – North Carolina’s 3 largest law enforcement organizations – have all endorsed Governor Pat McCrory. “We need that support, that trust, that commitment– from someone in his position. A vote for Pat McCrory is a vote for law enforcement,” said Eva Howard, an officer from Raleigh.

Roy Cooper has not been doing his job as the chief law enforcement officer of North Carolina. The law enforcement community that he has worked with as attorney general know him best, and they do not want him to be the governor of North Carolina, that is a very strong indictment against Roy Cooper.

Any law enforcement officer understands that it is their job to defend and uphold the law, even if they happen to personally disagree with it. But Roy Cooper’s refusal to do his job as North Carolina’s chief law enforcement to defend North Carolina’s law is a slap in the face to every law-enforcement officer who puts their life on the line to keep us safe and to enforce the laws of North Carolina and the laws of the United States of America.

Governor McCrory is a friend to North Carolina law enforcement. Whether it is establishing the Blue Alert System to find cop killers, ensuring the children of fallen officers can go to college free of charge or pushing for more resources to end backlogs at the State Crime Lab, Governor McCrory has shown he is fighting for law enforcement every day. Just ask Michael Potts, the state trooper who became friends with Governor McCrory after a routine traffic stop that changed his life forever.Watch full video here:

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